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first.last E-mail Addressing Policy

Version: 1.1
Created: 2004 January 21

Useful Definitions
The first.last mail address. This is composed of each user's true first and last names.
Personal mail alias. Each user may select up to 5 PMAs.

Each user is assigned an FDL address when their University network ID is first created. The FDL address is permanent and will never be used as another individual's email address. The spelling of the first and last name is determined by the information received from the authoritative source. The source is based on the affiliation each user has with the University. The authoritative sources are:

  • Human Resources - all Case faculty and staff;
  • Registrar - all Case students;
  • Alumni Development - all Case alumni;
  • For affiliates, each authoritative source will be determined by ITS as appropriate.

The name fields are received from the source system. The process will use the first name and last name and in some cases the middle initial to create a unique alternate address. If a unique address cannot be created using these fields a number will be appended to the last name and incremented until a unique address is assigned. In the case of Elizabeth Ann Smith, the process checks to see if elizabeth.smith is available as a unique alternate address. If this address has already been assigned to another user with the name Elizabeth Margaret Smith, then the middle initial is used to form elizabeth.a.smith. If elizabeth.a.smith is not available because there is an Elizabeth Amelia Smith on campus, then numbers are appended to the name and incremented in the form:

  • elizabeth.a.smith1
  • elizabeth.a.smith2
  • elizabeth.a.smith3
  • ...

In the case where a user does not have a middle name, the same algorithm is used but without the middle initial inserted. The ordering would go:

  • elizabeth.smith
  • elizabeth.smith1
  • elizabeth.smith2
  • ...

If a user does not have a first name or last name, his or her alternate email address remains his or her Case username (abc12).


Corrections to the FDL address may only be made for a valid reason. Valid reasons for altering an FDL address include:

  • The first or last names were misspelled when entered into the source system.
  • There has been a change in the last name due either to a marriage or divorce.
  • Legal name changes.

All updates should be initiated by first contacting the appropriate authoritative source for your information. Users with multiple affiliations should contact all authoritative sources before contacting ITS. After the name has been corrected in all of the data sources the user should contact ITS electronically at to have their FDL updated appropriately.

Changes to the first name of an FDL address to accommodate, for example, nicknames or those who go by a middle name, may be requested using the Preferred first.last Web Tool.

NOTE: At this time it is not possible to maintain a history of changes to the FDL mail address. That means that once an FDL change or correction has been applied, mail sent to the original FDL address will not reach the user for whom the change has been applied.

Personal mail aliases will continue to function as they do currently.

This policy may be changed at any time, as needed.

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